International Conference "Together for a New Mali" - Brussels, 15 May 2013

woensdag, mei 15, 2013

The Conference "Together for a New Mali" brought together in Brussels 108 delegations as well as representatives of local governments, civil society, diaspora, women and the private sector.

A total pledge of € 3.285 billion has been raised during the Conference, from 56 bilateral and multilateral donors. This conference also helped identify critical areas in particular for actions in governance, decentralisation, public financial management and economic recovery.

The table below summarises by countries and organisations the pledges made in Brussels, which have since then been verified.

The various quantitative and qualitative commitments, made ​​by Mali and its partners, call for a strict monitoring, in line with to the co-chairs conclusions [1], which have placed the principles of transparency and mutual accountability at the heart of the exercise.

According to the conclusions of the conference [2], the co-chairs are developing monitoring mechanisms for the Brussels Conference, which will be implemented at local and international level. Their objective is to ensure the implementation of reforms of the Malian state driven by the Plan for the sustainable recovery of Mali (PRED) 2013-2014. They will also take into account the conclusions of the co-chairs as well as the compliance of partners’ pledges in order to commit and disburse in a timely way, and the coordination of the responses to the PRED’s needs. The principle of ownership of these mechanisms by the Malian authorities must be at the heart of this process.

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